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I can't get the hang of not having to worry about my script. It's so weird. I can read and not feel guilty - I just finished 'Keeping It Real', which was very good, and now I have a slew of other books to take on. I can draw without worrying about my word count. I can even write stories without thinking 'this should be a script'. I can play Guild Wars and Togainu no Chi without it being a quick play in the mornings or some snatched, guilty moment.

And most of all, no longer do I feel like I'm trying to run through mud but sinking as I go.

I think for now I'll read some more and then draw a little, still waiting for my Fandom50 thing. Game a little before bed. Then maybe tomorrow I'll start to write again. I've not written anything even resembling a story in so long.

I'm lacking in ideas. All I have are random quips and quotes that float into my head at work. Half are gone before I can write them down.

Any ideas?
Naked Owen!  ^_____^

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First day of ScriptFrenzy!

And NaNoMangO!

...I'm gonna be dead by the 30th, aren't I?

Nevertheless, the first NaNoMangO page is up, and I'm glad I only signed up to do 30, pencilled. If I'd decided I could ink them, I'd be a small puddle of goo by now.

...I probably will ink it. Later. One day.

This is like how I keep saying I'll finish inking and tone MangO-06. It's intended, just... one day.

Speaking of, I found MangO-06 whilst hunting for a blank-ish sketchbook. I finished on the 30th, with the 30th page, and the final page went as follows...

Shield: But Owen is going to be leaving soon. Isn't he?
Owen: No. :)
Shield: You don't understand, do you?

...But what it is Owen didn't understand, I have no idea! T_____T I can't remember!

Never mind, Owen. I love you really. When I'm not killing you off, bringing you back, making you chronically ill or having scary women throwing brooms at your naked figure.
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Do Muse have some kind of contract deal with Doctor Who Confidential? Last week they used Time Is Running Out (one of my favourite songs and now all I can think of is Doctor Who - guess that's why my MC's started to look a bit like David Tennant in my mind), and it prompted me to check up on what I owned and what I didn't with regard to them. ...Don't ask about that, I was way behind. And now I'm not, so when in DWC they did a bit about the scarecrows, I was totally au fait with the song they played. Knights of Cydonia by, ooh, Muse.

It's an awesome song though. Didn't know Matt Bellamy was a big conspiracy theorist and whatnot, although you can totally tell from Black Holes And Revelations. I'm sure one of those songs ('Take A Bow') is about Tony Blair, and we won't even get into the 'Exo-Politics' lyrics ("When the Zetas fill the skies, will our leaders tell us why / it's just our leaders in disguise") or the actual ones to 'Knights of Cydonia' ("How can we win when a fool can be king?").

Starlight is one of my favourite songs now though. Makes me think about my villain so much.

Which is good, because I know buggerall about him other than song association. Woo!

Now five days to go. \o/

And I still have only the faintest of plots. \o/
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Doctor Who Confidential has a lot to answer for when it comes to commandeering my favourite songs / songs I was intending to use for Script Frenzy.

Can anyone recommend British bands in the vein of Muse / Maximo Park / Kaiser Chiefs / Manic Street Preachers / Mika? I need to get into the spirit, since there's only 10 days left before I have to shoehorn sullen, bitter MC into a two-hour movie. And why are most British bands these days hijacking the M section of your local music store?

As to Muse themselves, I've ordered their last two CDs. I can't believe Origin of Symmetry was made in 2001... I feel so old. I remember getting that CD like it was yesterday.

At least I'm starting to understand my MC more. How I'm going to cram him into a movie is another matter.

But I think I like him, which is most important.
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I'm addicted to a song about addiction. How ironic.

I'm also addicted to the Swedish Eurovision band The Ark. I was hunting around on YouTube for some things and found a video of Echo Chamber. I'm sure I've both seen and heard it before - I guess probably on MTV2 several years ago. But damn it was a strange feeling. They're also a surprisingly good band.

I've now got a better idea about my Script Frenzy main character. Rapidly (in his mind) approaching 30, he's sullen, bitter and resentful, and lives alone with the cuddly toy dog his mother gave him when he was a baby. ...And I just realised that - aside from the fact he probably won't be like that once I get writing - I have no idea what he looks like. Which is a problem, because I'm supposed to be NaNoMangOing the damn thing too...

The downside to having a lot of RAM now is that it's easy to lose track of what is using how much. *winces* I just realised D|S was using ~800MB, and Photoshop is using ~100. ...I should probably close down D|S, but I want to fix this damn render before it drives me insane. Once I can stop that weird grid appearing on the floor, I'll be happy. I better start keeping a closer eye on things though.

I'm now going to go blast some Muse at very loud volumes and try to plan out this damn character.
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I think I may have settled on my Script Frenzy idea...

I'm going back to the Swenwolves. XD

Modern fantasy starring a diluted-blood male Swenwolf (he considers himself male anyway), the obligatory female love interest, possibly the obligatory male love interest and a plot that starts out with a curious murder and ends up with saving the world.

All standard Hollywood fare. :P

At least Female Love Interest will have less to be worried about than Kaide had with Lola in Nano '05 - the diluted blood means the changes happen much less frequently. Far fewer nasty surprises.

All I need now is how to get from 'dead body in swimming pool' to 'we're all gonna die unless...'
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On the Script Frenzy website, there's a plot machine I was playing idly with.

But I'm almost tempted to write this one:

In a remote jungle in Brazil a hunky, dimwitted pool boy ingest a pheromone that attracts weasels.


It's almost like NaNo '05 all over again.