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I found the link to the article I read that included Porsche-suing-woman (near the bottom). It's quite interesting, really. O_o


Because it's TimesOnline, it's a bit of a hit-and-miss chance that you'll even be able to read it... They used to operate a system that meant browsing was free to people in the UK, but if you were in the US you were given a 'subscription' screen. But I knew people in the UK who invariably got the sub screen and people in the US who could read with impunity, so whether the system is still in place, I don't know.

I keep being stared at by a runty, sniffling black and white cat. Unfortunately, she's also one of ours. *pats Wei Ling* Why she's decided to come and keep me company, I don't know. I just hope she doesn't sneeze on me...