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Octogirl and Malinki

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Just because I'm kinda evil and all, I'm going to advertise a club I made on DA. >3 (My first one, because I'm still pissed off that DA were promising a proper club / group system for *years* and have *never* delivered on it - shouldn't surprise me really.)

All ranting aside, The WeeklyPrompt club is right here.

It's not just for 'visual media' either (traditional or digital art, etc), as poetry and prose of any genre are perfectly allowable, for all those writers I know. :3
Marathon Creed

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I just remembered I have Bryce installed on this computer too. Oops. ^^; All that time I've been thinking "I really need to install Bryce on this..." and, er, I already had.

Although it's oddly confused, it seems. It (or I) doesn't (don't) seem able to tell if it's version 5 or 5.5. It's referencing 5.5 folders but says it's 5. Can't remember installing even a demo of 5.5 but who knows, maybe I did and that's it.

It just reminds me I should be upgrading to 6 anyway. x___x