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I think my absolute favourite bit of Night Watch turned out to be one of the deleted scenes...

Anton flung himself off the top of the building (as you do...) and partway down, his phone rings and the next thing he knows, he's just... hanging there. It turns out to be that he's hanging in midair outside Yegor's window.

Yegor asks his mother about him, and she says, "he was always just a little bit clumsy", right as Anton drops the cellphone. The way he just stares down at it as he's hanging there is so awesome. XD

The movie itself works better the second time round, but now being halfway through reading Day Watch, I'm sat there going "WHAT?? Where's the bit about the energy Anton takes in?! And Alisa's prism??"

...So many parts of Day Watch are not entirely making sense. T____T

*still can't believe Waterstones can list the book as being in stock when it blatantly ISN'T*