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UESC K24 :: T-Minus 15.193792102158E+9 years until the universe closes!

a.k.a. Flagcarrier

15 August 1983
Seated before you with legs crossed and a laptop balanced precariously on the upper thigh is a woman, possibly about 5'2", although it can be difficult to tell when she is sat down. Her hair is short - probably shorter than most of the men you know - unruly and red. Her eyes, focused on the small screen in front of her, are so brown as to nearly be black and with red-blonde lashes.
Her clothes are what could be considered nondescript: jeans and a T-shirt with a design obscured by the laptop, but she doesn't look as though she would care to be a clotheshorse.

She doesn't notice you, working away intently as she is.


If you're here because of my obsessive lovefandom of Assassin's Creed, caria_cales is more up your street.

All made by the very awesome neostarfire55!