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I just went back through the words I hammered out like a mad thing yesterday night to correct the spelling mistakes I knew were there and... got quite a surprise.

The typoes were there all right. So was a large chunk of story that I have no. recollection. writing. whatsoever. Even down to a random voice popping up in Kaide's head that I think must have been Author Panic.

I knew I had a hangover this morning, but by gods, I don't normally forget 2000 words of novel after a heavy night's drinking.

Why the hell was that ferret wearing lacy underwear, anyway?

I'm scared.

Here we go, here is the section I really don't remember writing. It doesn't make so much sense without the previous section with Dileen the white, pink eyed ferret in a long crimson cocktail dress telling Kaide about swenwolves, but nevertheless...


He shook himself from the fog of that deep sleep that had engulfed his mind. Dilan - or Dileen - where did they part or where did they meet? He could only heed the points they made about Lola and her male side. Did he feel differently about the woman he had orginally fallen in love with? Was she Swen like the ferret spirit guide had told him? Or was this his purgatory? Had he died that many years ago, when [wife] had died? Forget this! This is my life! I have to go back to where my responsibilities lie! The words sounded unfamiliar in his head, as though another voice had spoken them - but they struck a chord with him nevertheless.


I mean, 3/4 of it is completely beyond me to start with, but it's Kaide's thoughts that trouble me the most. I'm not sure it's not just me thinking aloud about my own life or something equally awful like that, hence the final line - I had to add it once I could think clearly. "As though another voice had spoken to them", yeah right. Maybe I'm just going insane. :P

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