Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

I just watched five episodes of Primeval back-to-back...

Aside from the brain-asplode-y-ness of the various plot and continuity errors, some of which were only visible on a second viewing - why did Claudia need a blood-pack when she only had mild concussion and hadn't lost any blood? - it's... kind of hilarious. And I'm still a big Stephen/Nick / Stephen/Connor fan, and maybe a little Helen/Claudia now too...

But I swear, Nick/Stephen is so canon. I wouldn't normally say it about a TV show, because, you know, real people are involved and it all gets a little creepy, but there are so many things... Like, on the first viewing, I thought Stephen was Nick's bodyguard for about three episodes, having missed the bit where he said 'Lab Assistant' - clearly a euphamism anyway.

Plus, Stephen always seems so interested in Connor, either rescuing or touching him... so many times!

But I feel sorry for Claudia, more now than before. Even if I do consistently laugh when she gets smacked around the head with a giant flying herbivore's beak...

...But I do have to admit, I'm looking forwards to a second series. Looking forwards less to the fact that there will be more characters when there was inadequate character development for the ones they had, but I'm hoping that the whole Actions -> Consequences thing will be a continuing theme, as it only really occurred through the last half of the series.

The sad thing is, I found out that episodes four and five, being the ones with the strongest continuity and scripting, were written by people other than the regular writers.

I think it might explain a lot.
Tags: tv:primeval

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