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NTL dialup has gone to shit.

Usually, it's my mother who has problems - connecting at 33.6, for instance, on a frequent basis, and never being able to hold a connection - but now she's the one enjoying a steady connection whilst I'm the one flailing madly and swearing like a trooper as the connection cuts off for the fourth time in as many minutes.

I put it down to the fact that her PC is only connected briefly, whilst mine is supposed to be on 24-7, tying up the first phone line and preventing unwanted callers - it's an effective solution, you know. Despite being ex-directory, we used to get some pretty annoying ones.

It makes me wonder what we're paying - wait, there it goes again - for, and if this is some kind of grand ploy by NTL to force us to switch to broadband.

Sorry guys, but that isn't happening unless we can't sell the house by November. November? December is when the Home Information Pack comes into force for all properties, and we'll be damned if we're gonna pay all that money when there's only one article in it that's 'compulsory', and even that's pointless. You have to give one month's notice for the estate agents, so...

It's times like this you're thankful for unsecured wireless networks, even if they can, unsurprisingly, be intermittent at times.

Remember, kids! Password-protect your router!

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