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These are something that cyclists complain voraciously about, or specifically, the lack thereof.

They complain in the small presses, in the national presses.

So when one is built for them, alongside a dangerous road that, whilst technically is a 30MPH zone, is one that people have done upwards of 60MPH on? A road with no pavements, simply nettle-infested grass verges and ditches?

Do they use it?

Hell as like.

I'm losing count of the amount of cyclists I've seen riding down this road - which, by the way, is only just wide enough for two cars to pass - when there is a SHINY. NEW. CYCLEPATH. It's signposted, even! My gods, is it signposted! You can't move for the amount of Pedestrian/Cyclist signs once you hit the roundabout!

It's a wide cyclepath, even! It's at least the width and a half of a normal English pavement, and it's wider than a lot of the pavements in this town.

And they complained so much about the lack of cycle routes in this town and the surrounding ones. They complained that the bridge built over the railway would be busy so no one could cycle on it. (HAH. We'll ignore the fact that the cycle route beside the narrow route was always designed to carry on over the bridge, it's one of the reasons the application to build was approved! And busy? Can't recall it ever being exactly backed up with traffic and HGVs... Of course, it's only been there for two years. Nooo time at all for one of the major routes out of town, of course.)

And now they have a nice long, wide cyclepath, do they use it?

Hell no. That'd be easy, wouldn't it?



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Aug. 20th, 2007 10:47 pm (UTC)
Believe me, you have no idea how tempted I am already to kill them myself.

I don't know what it is about a strip of road with no road markings that sends people insane, but the patch of road I'm referring to is relatively short. And yet, despite the 30MPH speed limit sign, people think that a lack of white markings means "do 60 down here!".

Before the pavement / cyclepath was built, I used to work for some of the companies further down the road, and I used to walk home along the road on that narrow stretch. Several people came close to hitting me - one person was so busy both speeding and faffing around with his cellphone that he actually hit the side of my skirt, he was so close. I don't think he noticed.

That footpath / cyclepath made me so very happy that I was no longer taking my life in my hands to get to work. That's why it makes me so angry that people don't use it...

I'll take photos of the road sometime.

...as a random side note, I yelled out the car window to one cyclist on the road, "use the bloody cyclepath!". But now I think about it, what he probably heard was "you bloody psychopath" - which is pretty accurate too.