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Not that I swear too often... *snigger* ...but...


Why is it I can write perfectly well inside my head, but the minute I open a text document - of any kind, I can't even fob myself off with Notepad these days - everything that was sitting merrily in my brain flees out the window?

As if it wasn't bad enough that one of my characters suddenly became very insistent today, but in a shy and quiet manner so I had to dig around to work out which one it was. ...Although I can't blame him, it has literally been years since I wrote anything about him.

I could go into a minor rant about the opinions of partitioning off sections of your mind and the opinions of certain psychologists, but I won't. I rant more than enough as it is. :)

But I'm still not happy.

*kicks the blank Works document*

(You can tell I'm frustrated. Three entries in a day.)

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