Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

"the surprise also shook both hands to [keisuke] in front of the dew crocodile face."

...I can normally guess what the more bizarre pieces of 'floatage' are, but this kinda has me at a loss. The first part (unposted) made sense (specifically, that someone hadn't made any sense, ironically), but this bit?

I don't know why it recognises Akira (アキラ) as a name and treats it as such, but puts Keisuke (ケイスケ) in square brackets - meaning it can't translate it - like that. O_o They're both written in katakana in the game, after all...

EDIT: This, on the other hand, is both awesome and came out perfectly: "The boy laughed as proud as a peacock." XD

All I have to do now is look up the kanji that it keeps translating as "ladle", since in the context of the sentences it's obviously wrong. -_-; Unless Akira's doing something very weird to Keisuke...


"It goes flooey really because it is strangely hail-fellow-well-met."

The boy that surprised Keisuke in the first part just clung to both Akira and Keisuke's arms - totally cute picture! - and first he laughs, then he gives them a naughty smile, and then this! Flooey! XD
Tags: atlas, games:togainu no chi

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