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Guess who's playing Togainu no Chi? :D

Took a while to figure it out - I thought the .ecm extension was WinRAR's fault, turned out it meant it needed uncompressing, and I was wondering why it said the image file was an incorrect size! - but now I've downloaded ATLAS and hooked it up to TnC via AGTH.

The upshot of that is that it runs a translation as the game types. Beats doing it the hard way and translating as I go! 'Specially since my kanji sucks and nothing Akira says is spoken, but all typed - I can get the jist of the dialogue!

Not that it means you can get away without translation, mind. You have to translate the occasional (well, more than occasional) jibberish that ATLAS spouts at you instead, but that's a whooole different kind.

Definitely beats sitting around with a dictionary, and makes it just that liiiittle bit more playable~

The other notable thing about installing TnC is... well, most people know that my PC gets rebooted maybe once every two months, right? It's had at least six in the last three hours as I install programs and switch in and out of Japanese regional settings. XD

...Maybe I shouldn't have bought this pretty model after all, it seems he's created something of an obsession.

Give you three guesses what my desktop wallpaper is.

EDIT: AHAHAH. You hear a *thud* and the Japanese equivalent of "uurrrghle" - barely even equivalent, it certainly sounded like an uurrrghle in any language - and what does ATLAS translate it to?

"...and of floatage". XD

EDIT THE SECOND: Okay, this is definitely the best one so far:

All cigarettes are peacefully deep, and it amuses oneself to the ear duster and the chitchat while rolling plonk by the tongue.

Also, my mother and I now firmly believe in calling badly translated Japanese (or the badly translated sections of otherwise intelligible texts) "floatage"...


"cc What.. complaint is bean jam saucy eyes..?"

Somehow, considering the guy was grabbing hold of Akira's hair whilst Akira was still half asleep? I don't think he was asking about bean jam. XD
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