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This newly-bought model is actually really beautiful! It was a struggle to get him out of his box, but now he's on his stand beside my monitor and he's so awesome to look at~

Also, it has a small drama CD in the base. O_o

He's from a BL anime game called "Togainu no Chi" made by Nitro-Chiral, and the guy in the other model, looking all stabbed-like, was the main character of the game.

I still can't get over how very awesome the model is.


This is still unnerving:

Current Userpics: Currently uploaded: 18 out of 138.

The hell? How am I going to fill out 138?!


Jun. 23rd, 2007 11:47 pm (UTC)
Ooh, shiny. :o And I know from experience that Maxtor do some nifty stuff - the external HD at my old job was one, and I ended up using that for everything for DVD-copy data transferal (for work) to transferring Gackt CDs from the PC to my laptop (for pleasure XD ).

Dunno what that bottom reviewer was so miffed about though. Maxtor's stuff has a very high reputation normally. Plus they come with two year warranties. *puts it down to user error*

I think you might have your work cut out for you with that manga. O_o Is it any good judging by the books you bought?