Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

I totally went crazy on the icons and all.

I blame that dream I had.

<-- I found it~

All being (quite blatantly) made by me by hacking manga scans from into 100x100 squares. And you can tell 'cause... well, if they were human, people would say "they've got the kind of face only their mother would love". Which may be true, especially since I love 'em. :P Who cares that they lack shiny professional polish and crap like that? :3

By the way...

NaNoMangO 2-6 can be found here.

NaNoMangO 7-12 can be found here.

And finally... Zach Quinto, the guy who plays Sylar in Heroes... Cute or not?

I say cute, my mother says not.
Tags: icons, manga:loveless, nanomango

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