Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

Do Muse have some kind of contract deal with Doctor Who Confidential? Last week they used Time Is Running Out (one of my favourite songs and now all I can think of is Doctor Who - guess that's why my MC's started to look a bit like David Tennant in my mind), and it prompted me to check up on what I owned and what I didn't with regard to them. ...Don't ask about that, I was way behind. And now I'm not, so when in DWC they did a bit about the scarecrows, I was totally au fait with the song they played. Knights of Cydonia by, ooh, Muse.

It's an awesome song though. Didn't know Matt Bellamy was a big conspiracy theorist and whatnot, although you can totally tell from Black Holes And Revelations. I'm sure one of those songs ('Take A Bow') is about Tony Blair, and we won't even get into the 'Exo-Politics' lyrics ("When the Zetas fill the skies, will our leaders tell us why / it's just our leaders in disguise") or the actual ones to 'Knights of Cydonia' ("How can we win when a fool can be king?").

Starlight is one of my favourite songs now though. Makes me think about my villain so much.

Which is good, because I know buggerall about him other than song association. Woo!

Now five days to go. \o/

And I still have only the faintest of plots. \o/
Tags: music, script frenzy, tv:doctor who

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