Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

I'm addicted to a song about addiction. How ironic.

I'm also addicted to the Swedish Eurovision band The Ark. I was hunting around on YouTube for some things and found a video of Echo Chamber. I'm sure I've both seen and heard it before - I guess probably on MTV2 several years ago. But damn it was a strange feeling. They're also a surprisingly good band.

I've now got a better idea about my Script Frenzy main character. Rapidly (in his mind) approaching 30, he's sullen, bitter and resentful, and lives alone with the cuddly toy dog his mother gave him when he was a baby. ...And I just realised that - aside from the fact he probably won't be like that once I get writing - I have no idea what he looks like. Which is a problem, because I'm supposed to be NaNoMangOing the damn thing too...

The downside to having a lot of RAM now is that it's easy to lose track of what is using how much. *winces* I just realised D|S was using ~800MB, and Photoshop is using ~100. ...I should probably close down D|S, but I want to fix this damn render before it drives me insane. Once I can stop that weird grid appearing on the floor, I'll be happy. I better start keeping a closer eye on things though.

I'm now going to go blast some Muse at very loud volumes and try to plan out this damn character.
Tags: computer issues, nanomango, script frenzy, tv:eurovision

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