Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

The problem with buying FFIII and Pokémon Pearl at the same time is... well, I enjoy them both so much, I'm having trouble deciding which one to play. They're both hugely addictive and so much fun, but right now Pokémon is winning out, purely because my mindset is more "collect things and then level them like crazy" than simply "level like crazy, sit back and enjoy plot and graphics".

Incidentally, nohatmatt, I saw that advert for FFIII you mentioned, and that cutscene? It's in the game. I hadn't seen the ad at the time and was so taken aback I ran with my DS across the room to show my mother and saying "look at this!!" until she caved in. The in-game graphics are pretty nifty too, prompting another "you HAVE to see this!" moment. It's so... shiny. O_o

In so many respects, the games are polar opposites of one another but they're just both too great. I played Pokémon most of today though, so I think it'll be FF tomorrow. I'm gonna have to alternate if I can't figure this out soon.
Tags: ds, games, games:ffiii, games:pokemon

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