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Wow. I'm really pissed off.

For the last... eleven? weeks, Sci Fi have been showing the new ep of Heroes on Monday nights, repeated on Wednesday for those that can't catch Monday's.

Now, for a couple of weeks they've been mentioning a "Heroes Catch-Up Week", without ever being particularly clear on when it was.

Flipped over to Sci Fi just now to catch - we should be on Episode 12 now - and what do we get? Episode fucking four.

Because they've not given ANY real warning about this catch-up week. Ep 12 was shown on Monday like normal. We were totally expecting the repeat today, and it's just not there, with no warning. What were they expecting us to do, look it up in the TV listings? Why would anyone look up something that's been shown regular-as-clockwork for the last ELEVEN weeks?!

I seriously want to complain to them about it, it's a bit of a farce when it's run on 9PM every Wednesday for eleven weeks solid - for about five weeks we didn't even know it was first shown on Monday, but I don't know how.

Sci Fi's website is horribly confusing, badly designed and a fairly foul colour to boot...

*pissed off like woah*
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