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Mum's friend lent us the DVDs to 'Spaced', the comedy Simon Pegg co-wrote and co-starred in before he did 'Shaun of the Dead'. It took us three weeks-ish to watch them, and when we did, it was because nothing was on TV. Last Tuesday, in fact.

Well, we watched all of the first season and two eps of the second season that day.

If it hadn't been for Heroes (awesome, but needs more Hiro and Mohinder right now) and Desperate Housewives (equally awesome), we'd have watched more yesterday, but as it was, we finished watching the second season today.

Bahahaaa, it's so funny! When people describe it to you it just sounds crap. It sounds like the kind of thing you wouldn't watch if someone paid you... But Jon didn't even describe it (he's the first who didn't, actually). He just said "I'll lend you the DVDs" and did. And, when we watched it, it was actually funny.

Probably didn't hurt that we started watching it the day after we watched 'Shaun of the Dead' for the nth time. "Ooh, he was in 'Shaun...'!" and "oh, wait, wasn't he...?".

Awesomeness. If it wasn't for 'Phoenix Wright: Justice for All' which is exercising its siren call on me right now, I'd be ordering it now. >_> I can't resist me some awesomely-funny lawyer gaming. I'm just finishing off the final case of 'Ace Attorney' for the third time~! I don't like Ema as much as Maya (the pseudo-scientific bullshit meant to introduce you to a new system doesn't wash with me), but the last case is still fun. Despite the inconsistencies in the actual case itself...

I really need to make one certain scene from 'Shaun of the Dead' into an icon. It was so cute I immediately though of iconage...

I'm doing zodiac renders. They're using all my available RAM and virtual memory. I need to upgrade this PC....

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