Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

Today's Primeval did absolutely nothing to dissuade me from Stephen/Connor.

In one scene, Abby answers the door to Stephen in a T-shirt and panties. ...So why, if he's supposed to fancy her, did he look a whole lot more interested in Connor coming down the stairs in T-shirt and shorts? Couldn't take his eyes off him. :D

...Primeval becomes a whole lot more interesting when you're watching for signs of something that is no doubt not supposed to exist in it. XD (Not to be confused with the incredible statement that they seem to open every episode with: "this is conclusive proof that the past exists!" Really? What a shock.)

This week's episode did actually have a run at being half-decent! It was a shame the ending just kind of... fizzled out. Ran out of steam, really. Big endings should, fairly obviously, be big and at the end. But for it to happen in only the last five minutes kinda didn't work. Especially considering halfway through I had to check the paper to see whether it was 45 minutes or an hour long, because nothing was happening.

Well, at least there's some vague sort of hope for it. Now if only they could look like they enjoyed acting together and, y'know, make a good go of it. Right now there's no spark at all between the characters, and I think it's that that stops it from being truly watchable. Well, and the fact that sometimes the characters make horribly stupid decisions that make no sense whatsoever (for example, episode 3 with Connor, Abby and the croco-dino thing). And the sometimes hugely iffy effects...

Honestly, sometimes it makes Doctor Who's 60s special effects look believable.
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