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Something quite odd just happened. O.o

I was calling in one of our cats, Nat - a brown and white tabby - because we hadn't seen him all day and were getting quite worried about him.

I was pretty relieved when I saw him come bounding across the snow towards the front door, until he stopped in front of me and I got a good look at him.

That cat most certainly wasn't Nat. O.o

It had the same white front paws, I think the same white back paws and the same white bib on its chest, but it was a silver tabby and had more tiger-like markings across it's sides. It also looked a fair bit younger, since it was all long body and big eyes.

But nevertheless, this not-Nat had just flung itself across the road at me because I was calling out the front door and making clicking noises. O.o It even came into the hallway for a bit, until mum saw it and startled it. But it stood on the doorstep and let me fuss its head and under its chin, and skritch behind its ears.

I had to close the door on it, and when I opened it again to see if it wanted to come in for a snack if we left the back door open, it had gone again.

Nat then sauntered in through the back door, warm as anything and very much like he hadn't been in the snow all day (when Onion came in she was soaked and freezing), so my bet is that someone had taken him in, perhaps even the owners of the not-Nat cat.

But it was so odd how similar the other one looked to him. We can't tell if it was sired by Nat's father (which we're unsure of because it seems that the tabby colour was inherited from their mother, the inventively named Tabbitha, since all her babies were various shades of tabby), or if it was sired by Nat himself before we had him spayed.

Either way, I wouldn't mind meeting it again, it was very affectionate.

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