Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

All the reviews said Gears of War was really short, but it seems to be a fair bit longer than Halo 2. But then, that might be because of all the dying that's going on...

It's disturbingly immersive, mind. After the annoyed relief I felt at Carmine being shot in the face and the plain annoyance I felt about Kim's rather unmemorable death, I think I'd be kinda miffed if the current two die. I mean, we've been stuck with them for ages now.

When we have to split up into two teams, I keep getting stuck with Blondie (Baird - we kept forgetting his name, so he got rechristened), whereas Mum keeps getting Cole. This is a better arrangement for her in many ways, but mostly it's down to the fact that whilst Cole fights and fights well, I'm pretty lucky if Blondie can be bothered to shift his arse from / into the building and get fighting the Locust. And then there was when he decided to run directly towards a Troika... Luckily, Dom died and we had to restart from the checkpoint, or I would have been risking my neck to go across and drag him back up again.

Not that it mattered, because after we restarted, he didn't come out the bloody building until I'd singlehandedly destroyed it anyway. Took it to heart: haven't really rescued him since.

Whereas I have to frequently rescue Mum - she keeps picking fights with Reavers...

But you don't really realise how much you find yourself relying on them when it's still new to you... And we both ended up randomly talking to our assists, even if it was just "You're an idiot, Blondie!" and "Cole, move out the way".

Still, gotta love a man who does nothing but bitch and moan. Locust everywhere, and he's worried about dysentry?

Definitely enjoying it like crazy, although the pretty graphics can be lost on you when you're going "ohcrapohcrapohcrap" and running like hell past a ton of nasty monsters because you have to get to a vehicle before another nasty monster squishes it.

And don't get me started on the Kryll...

Ms. Berserker is much fun. =_=;

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