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Gears of War is much love. <3 Considering what an ugly bastard Marcus Fenix is, he's strangely attractive. In the same way as my PC from Fable - all covered in a map-marking of lines and points - is attractive, that is.

In other words, I think I just got used to him.

And in other words, I got luckier than PC2: mum's character Dom.

But I'm miffed Carmine and Kim died. I spent ages bringing Carmine back, only for the git to get shot in the face. And as for Kim... Hell, I wanted to kill the bastard myself. He kept standing in my way, directly in front of whatever I was trying to shoot.

But the fact his death was stolen from me was annoying.

Mum doesn't like the Berserker: she can't run away from her fast enough.

Viva Pinata is so much fun for a game aimed at kids... but there's no way a kid could appreciate that game. It's more delicate than Sim City, and less easy. (I can finish most scenarios in an hour these days... At least, I could when I spent most lunch breaks doing them.) Its still fun though, if you enjoy feeding Wirlms to Sparrowmints.

I keep wanting to call them Wurmples.


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Dec. 26th, 2006 10:48 pm (UTC)
We still don't have broadband yet. :( Although mum is becoming more amenable to the idea now she knows there's games on XBox Live Arcade and she wants 'em. :P

I'm kinda terrible at Gears right now, I can't get the hang of the over-the-shoulder view. :D And... we're still not past the nasty Berserker lady. Mum told me off for calling her (the Berserker, not mum) 'darling'. XD
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