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Yesterday I sang Kyoudai to a friendly cat and spent two and a half hours getting home from Nottingham.

Wii Tennis is the best of the games, I think, but I'm now pretty addicted to Zelda. I don't think mum views Link as quite the evil little bastard Namco made him in Soul Calibur, but she's still a trifle wary of him. Me, I tend to resort to "you pointy eared idiot!" when he falls off something he really wasn't supposed to.

But he's cute, so I can't be angry for long.

Midnas is adorable. Squidgy-cute. Even her uppity attitude is sweet - the only weird thing is that she reminds me wholly too much of Wrath from FullMetal Alchemist.

Wolf-Link is a little nicer to use than Elf-Link though, the dash option is nifty. But Epona is all kinds of love.


(Deleted comment)
Dec. 20th, 2006 02:29 am (UTC)
Hahaha, you don't know the joy that a simple 'wibble' brings me, as that is the noise Wii Golf makes when you overdo a shot - as I usually do!

I'm lucky to have a Wii, to be honest... They lost my first pre-order, and I only got the call for the second on Monday... Hence the awful bus journey.

But Zelda is awesome and will be well worth it, believe me! I'm sure you can get one soon - or borrow a friend's! - and... Well, Wii Sports is the kind of game someone is safer without, as I now ache and I've only been playing gold and tennis... Golf, incidentally, is an evil game. :P

I'm sure you'll play one soon though! <3 If my local store just got a new delivery in (it's taken all week!), then I'm sure your stores will have ones available for buying pretty soon. :D