Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

My Wii should be ready for Monday, according to the nice guy at Game. I know I shouldn't have been surprised by how popular it is, but this is literally the first time I've ever aimed to get a console anywhere near launch day - even whilst I was standing in the queue having my placing checked out, the queue was stretching behind me until it was snaking out the door...

Makes a change from getting a console about four months atfter it's released - or, in the case of the original XBox, about 3 years. ...And I can't even remember now why I decided to buy an XBox. It certainly wasn't for Halo; my fanaticism came a little later.

Oh well. Incidentally, on that subject, never use CityLink for any kind of deliveries. Not only does the service suck and you're lucky to have your call answered if you ring them, their warehouse is arse-about-tip - the back end opens up to the front entrance and car park, whilst the reception is poky, usually packed and at the back - and thus you get to see and hear the staff drop and throw your packages around.

My XBox was likely dropped on its head as a 'baby', judging by what I saw.

I'm glad my 360 came from a proper store.

The funny thing is, after I told my mother I was going to buy one (the Wii, not the XBox) she's bitched and complained about it, and given the adverts real funny looks - especially the sports ones - and her response to the people 'accidentally' throwing the controllers was fairly priceless. So when I texted her and said it'd be ready Monday, she was actually disappointed. It seems she really wanted to play it...

Another console I lose to my parent, methinks, along with the 360 and the DS. (I've reclaimed the DS for a good third-replay of Phoenix Wright. OMG EDGEWORTH X GUMSHOE OTP!!121%^313! Haha.)

All I have to do now is persuade her that the Link in the Zelda games is cute and (mostly) sweet, and on the whole is nothing like the Link in Soul Calibur II on the GC, who was an evil little shit who looked like he was a goth emo drag queen. ...*sigh*

Oh yeah, and *ahem* BLAME! #6 OMG HOW AWESOME. Killy actually managed to say more than two sentences! And poor Seu... wah!

Also watched Returner, which was all kinds of fun - a little like E.T. with guns and bullet-time. But the ending made me cry. :( And not just me, it made my mother cry, and she hadn't even watched half of it. It was sweet though, and not entirely depressing like Moon Child.

About 1/3 through Battle Royale, the novel. Very fun. Nice to see a better explanation of Kiriyama, but I want to watch the film again now, which sucks because I don't own it. :( Will rectify the situation one day.

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