Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

I managed to pass my theory driving test. o_O;

More worryingly, I got 100% (35 out of 35) on the touch-screen knowledge questions. Including a rather stupid one about aquaplaning ('how do you know if your vehicle is aquaplaning?' The answer was 'the steering feels light', but personally, the fact YOU'D BE GOING SIDEWAYS would clue me in...).

I almost failed the hazard perception though. X3 Not my fault - entirely - as the instructions are absolutely crap. I mean, do you click ON the hazard? Around it? Anywhere you bloody feel like? And what do they count as a hazard? Because going up a hill at night is a hazard because traffic coming down the hill, even with headlights dipped, will still dazzle you. Likewise, humpback bridges and steep dips are as much hazards as the pillock who reverses out in front of you in traffic. *pulls a face*

I've dealt with most of those hazards before in person anyway, when driving, soooo... It's funny about having a large L plate on the top of the car, people seem to assume it means "Leap out at me!" Or, in the case of the guy yesterday, it seems to mean 'drive at 50-60MPH in a 30 zone and nearly hit me!' I don't think clicking a mouse is an effective way of testing: it's so unconnected with what you do and feel when you drive. And I kept trying to look around the monitor, since the camera was ... useless. Plus, the person who was driving whatever filmed them sometimes drove so appallingly (in the middle of the road in a country lane with a blind bend) that I'm amazed they didn't count as a hazard themselves...

Either way, now I can get on with worrying about when I have to do the practical...

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