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Done Again For The Sheer Hell Of It All

As in, done on my laptop stylee. :D

Opening Credits: Vanessa Mae - Red Hot

Waking Up: Michiru Oshima - Aishou

First Day At School: Vanessa Mae - Phantom of the Opera

Falling In Love: Suzanne Vega - Marlene on the Wall ("Even if I am in love with you...")

Breaking Up: Gackt - Mizerable

1st date: Fischerspooner - The 15th

Prom: Mihai Traistariu - Tornero

Life's OK: Gackt - Mirror (MARS ver.)

Driving: Alkaline Trio - Your Neck (Risking it?)

Flashback: Move - Spiritual Tattooist

Getting Back Together: Move - Knock 'em Out

Wedding: Michiru Oshima - Juu-rin

Birth of Child: Karine Polwart - Maybe There's A Road

Final Battle: Michiru Oshima - I Will

Death Scene: Move - Blue Jewel

Funeral Song: GG Isuka - The Cat Attached to the Rust

End Credits: Martin O'Donnell & Michael Salvatori - Halo [Mjolnir Mix]

I had to futz around with it a little, because I got Mirror twice (well, actually I got it three times, but I wrote out the songs on the laptop then bought them up here, so the third one is two songs after Halo...), so I guess I cheated, but I think it came out alright. :3 The Cat... is a great funeral song. XD

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