Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

The thing with Machinae Supremacy is, they always always do songs I can equate to my writing. And when they don't equate to what I'm writing at the time, they give me more ideas (I'm looking at you here, Tempus Fugit).

Since some of their newer stuff has been on repeat pretty much since Sunday, I've now managed to figure out additional theme songs for Durandal and Caliburn. :D At this rate, I'll be able to create an entire novel soundtrack for each character...

And I recommend hopping over there, downloading their old stuff ('Webography') and listening for yourself. :3

Machinae Supremacy - Ghost (Beneath The Surface)

I stand still out in the rain
and look up at a broken sky
every raindrop looks the same
they fall without pretending through the night
But water isn't always what you see
another surface lies beneath
Can you see this isn't really me?
no this is someone else
I am just beneath the surface

In the...

And it hurries from my grasp
it runs between my fingers and my hands
it's like an echo from my past
a mere forgotten future in the sand
The water is the tide of night that comes
a shadow pulls me down beneath
Maybe this is who I used to be?
but this is someone else
I am just beneath the surface

In the...

In the pouring rain
I'm bleeding, I die
And I'm crying in pain
I'm bleeding, I die
In the pouring rain
I'm bleeding, I die
And it drives me insane
I'm bleeding, I die

Machinae Supremacy - Through The Looking Glass

I can feel the sands of time
passing through the hourglass
and it shimmers in my eyes
as I linger in the wake
as eternity escapes
I begin to realize

We'll walk a thousand miles just to see for ourselves
Look behind our eyes
find our hell
And in the light of the sun we go
Through rain and raging snow
to find the things we do not know

I will go
never laying low
just tell me how to breathe
and I will make it so
You must know
that this is not for show
and if you are not wise (it will)
be your demise

Once I walked along a field
another nightmare in my mind
and beheld the fearful symmetry
Everything was beautiful
even things that were dead
and I surged with violent imagery

I walked a thousand miles just to see for myself
looked behind my eyes
and found my hell

We come to honor; to stand or die
to pass the hours of our lives
We burn the silence and all the lies
To fuel the fire inside our eyes
We all go!

Come to honor
stand or die
Fuel that fire in your eyes.


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