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The thing about NaNo is... It always runs off with me. I know people say that I should have control over what I'm writing, but when I write it's like watching a movie to me. I write what I see, and that means that sometimes my characters decide they don't want to do certain things.

D. (the main character) right now is desperately doing his best to avoid being molested by Cali (the villain). Only in his attempts to avoid it, he got himself beaten up instead. Because he's an idiot like that. And no, it wasn't supposed to happen...

And then there was a god who wanted to get in on the act (the world I write in has its own pantheon), only it turned out that not only was it not the one I was expecting, I had actually spawned a new one at some point.

My god of the underworld is nameless too. :(

My typoes are getting a little weird. Before last night, the best one I did was misspelling 'captain' as 'catpain' (mew). Until last night, where I don't know what I was thinking...

Instead there was blood: oceans of it. It was splashed up the walls almost to the ceiling and coated the floor in viscous poodles so thick that even the carpet wouldn’t accept them.

That was, indeed, supposed to be 'puddles'... One more typo and it could have been 'vicious'.

But on the other hand, that typo came from a really fun prophetic dream sequence. I liked writing about total carnage. XD

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