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One writing-related website I'm on has managed to really quite piss me off. I went to change my userinfo and bang, it tells me that I have to change my password because "it's way too common". First off, patronising, annoying system messages are NOT the kind of thing that makes you popular with your members. Secondly, the last time I checked, MY password was MY BUSINESS. It's apparently NOT common, as I have never been hacked before - because I'm not popular, I'm not prolific and basically, no one has any damn reason to waste their time trying to guess what my obscure and nothing-related-to-me password IS.

As far as I'm concerned, my password could be 'password' and it'd be none of their fucking business.

I posted about it and apparently it's because my password IS their business, because they don't like people complaining when they get hacked or - and gods only know why THIS comes into the equation - when people forget their password and don't have an email account listed.

Well guess what? I'm gonna be forgetting my fucking password now! Because you just MADE ME CHANGE IT. We'll ignore the fact that my password has been perfectly good for the last several months and that if I HADN'T wanted to change ONE aspect of my presentation IT WOULDN'T HAVE SAID ONE FUCKING THING. I'd have carried on merrily with my apparently oh-so-common password and the system wouldn't have given a fucking toss. If it's such a matter of fucking importance, why didn't it make me change it the minute I logged in?


Pointless piece of shit. Oh well, it's just another reason not to post there. It's a pretty elitist place anyway: they encourage you to invite new people, but they don't talk to new people and barely anyone's active half the time. There's about five or ten people who regularly use the site, and half of that is staff. The only decent thing about it is that it uses a different system for displaying your writing. But since no one ever reads anything anyone's written... *shrugs* I just hate being told what to do. No wonder I was so terrible at the whole schooling thing. XD


My aching shoulder has got worse. Every time I tried to turn over in the night I woke up, it hurts that much. *bitchmoanwhinecomplain*

And Durandal's being reticent. It doesn't make for a good word count. It's like pulling fucking teeth or something. I'm starting to think Nara fancies Durandal, she keeps patting him and grabbing his wrists and stuff. He hates it, he hates anyone touching him. He keeps thinking how he wants to smack her or kick her or something (we've already ascertained he has no qualms about kicking a wounded man in the face, why wouldn't he kick a woman?), but she's stronger than him and he's afraid she'll hit him back harder.

She's already knocked him out once.

Right now she's offering to dig an arrow head out his leg, but she's not sounding encouraging. It's a choice between "get drunk and I'll do it" or "I'll knock you out and do it". He doesn't want to be knocked out again, he's scared of concussion and brain damage (he HAS been knocked out three times in one day so far), but the idea of being in pain and totally drunk, and then being in pain and with a hangover the day after isn't appealing either. He's gonna have to bite the bullet (or stick, in this case) and have it done sober and awake.

Cue more screaming from the leading man.

He's gonna have no voice left by tomorrow, is he?

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