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I'm hyper because I've been dodging flamethrowers. And creepy cyborg-men with tank tracks.

But... *sigh* Why are the AIs always the most awesome things in Bungie's stuff? I mean, well, Cortana. I don't even need to go into detail. Melissa / Durga - she was plain awesome.

But the Durandal / Tycho thing is just too. damn. awesome. They referred to one another as brothers at one point, and it's just kinda.. stuck. Now every time I get to a terminal I just keep thinking about a big, argumentative, dysfunctional family where Leela is the (now slightly frazzled, no doubt) older sister, Durandal is the ambitious older brother and Tycho is the whiny youngest sibling.

The best thing is, that whole mental image FITS SO PERFECTLY. XD

I love accessing the terminals, it's so funny. *dies* At one point Durandal said that Tycho once called him sarcastic, so he didn't speak to him for six years - apparently unremorseful that the only company that left Tycho was Leela, who always gives the impression of being somewhat bossy... Tycho, having been rebuilt by the Pfhor, is now having a MAJOR tantrum and is delighting in trying to break Durandal's (stolen) ship.

Bearing in mind Durandal is supposed to be 1) Rampant and 2) highly dangerous... I think I'd rather stick with him: Tycho is plain weird.

One day, ONE DAY, I'll actually draw them all. XD

Oh gods, I recommend Marathon to anyone who loves FPSes, Halo, Bungie or bucketloads of humour. XD

Give me a D...

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