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I completed Marathon! *dies*

...But to my mother's no doubt infinite sadness... I have Marathon 2 to complete now. \o/

I think she was getting a little sick of me reading out the terminals to her, but in my defense, some are really funny. Especially the 'Give me a D' entry. XD

It's starting to answer some questions about Halo, but opening up another whole 'Can of Worms' (Hunters) too. XD Oh dear. My Halo fangirlism knows no bounds. I can't help it.

I really did name my main character before I downloaded it. Honestly.

It's not my fault he and a certain, specific, hugely awesome and completely loopy AI share the same name. But it IS fitting.

Wonder why he's being so altruistic in this game, it's very unlike him... Stealing a ship and taking his new charges millions of lightyears across the galaxy (the AI, not my MC, who wouldn't know how to steal a ship if you hit him round the head with 'Hijacking For Dummies') just so they can find they home planet... There HAS to be something in it for him.

But kidnapping Gary was an amusing shock. Poor Leela.

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