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I had a very weird Death Note / Bleach crossover dream last night...

I dreamed that L was a younger teenage boy having to take an exam, but the other kids were teasing him 'cause he's, well... he's weird. :P But it didn't bother him, just vaguely annoyed him.

After the exam, the whole class walked across a field to get to another bunch of classrooms, but he walked ahead of everyone else and the only person who walked with him was Orihime, trying to encourage him to take part in more class stuff. She was the only person who could make him smile.

The field was bisected by a railway line and as they got to it, the lights started to flash to show that a train was coming. All the rest of the class ran across the tracks just before the trains came, but L wouldn't let Orihime go with them because he thought it was dangerous. I'm not surprised either, those damn things went by like bats out of hell. o.O

And then I woke up. o.O;

...I know I have weird dreams sometimes, but it's weird even for ME to have fandom dreams. x.x;

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