Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,


Whilst perusing someone's largely-stolen artwork collection in Photobucket - I say 'stolen' because they turned up at an RPG and claimed to draw some of the artwork using a program that... I'm not entirely sure even exists. It got posted to BRPS and I got to snigger, since several images had been posted at some time this last month in Art_Theft too... - I found a picture of Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye.

But... gaaaah... what I want to know is... Why the HELL does Roy look like Gackt in the video for Mizérable?!

So creepy! And I only watched that video yesterday too!

...Yep, Red and Blue arrived yesterday, which then led to two hours of pretty-Gackt-watching...


And then I watched FMA. So I got pretty-Roy-watching too. XD *such a damn fangirl*

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