Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

Ewwww that is CREEPY!

Anyway... I always knew that Kamal in ilovebees was the Prince in Prince of Persia... although it turns out there are actually two voice actors. But it's like... incestuous between Halo and PoP! x.x;;

Yuri Lowenthal is Kamal. He's also the Prince in The Two Thrones, which explains why I had this really bizarre sense of deja vu every time he spoke. No wonder it was so offputting...

But in digging around a little, I found Robert Atkin Downes (not literally). Who is the Prince in Warrior Within.

...Who incidentally is the Prophet of Regret. o.O

I know they're both prolific actors, but still...

Incidentally, Kaileena's voice in WW is... Monica Belluci? o.O I prefer her TT voice...

EDIT: Random Theorising.

ILB: Melissa crashlanded and split into the Queen and the Sleeping Princess. There's also Durga, who ... is very hard to work out about, being as she is like an extension of the SP, only safe on Jersey's computer.

The SP is Yasmine, Kamal's sister who was taken, replaced with a flash clone and made into an AI - Melissa.

If Kamal is voiced by the Prince of Persia... how interesting to have Yasmine as the Sleeping Princess...

I'm wondering if that was intentional. o.O

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