Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

I've had Prince of Persia: Warrior Within for a long time now. Since it was released, in fact.

And I could NOT do it. I stank at it. I died so many deaths it was becoming depressing. The learning curve was so incredibly steep I kept slipping backwards down it again.

So I put it away and didn't play it again.

When I picked up The Two Thrones, I was expecting more of the same... not something as enjoyable and playable as it is.

But I'm murderously, horribly stuck on the second chariot race and I was getting really angry.

So I had a bash at WW again, expecting to get really, really angry... again.

So... why can I do it?! Ahahah... I stank so badly at it and now I'm further in a couple of hours than I was in a couple of week's play before... and with no need for a walkthrough so far!

I guess the fact the control system's similarities - not to mention Two Thrones' more forgiving learning curve - have made life a little easier for me now. But it comes to something when you have to play the sequel to learn to play the previous game! XD

Liking it a lot more now.

(Still pretty dribbly over the Prince too, even if all I can think of is Halo whenever he speaks...)

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