Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

As bad as it sounds and as much as I love both Tomb Raider and Lara Croft...

I'm sorry Lara, honey, but the Prince of Persia is just SO MUCH HOTTER than you!

I think it's a throwback to ILoveBees, since the guy who voices him did one of the characters on that, and an awesome character he was indeed (an over-protective older brother to a vastly intelligent ONI AI...)

Although having that that... that sarcastic voice in his head? It's even hotter. I think it's Master Chief Syndrome - madly fangirling the voice of someone you will NEVER see - but there's just something about those sarcastic comments and little barbed snipes. Although I have to admit, I did kinda boggle at the screen when in the Arena battle the Prince got snagged by the monster and the 'alter ego' said "aww look, he wants to kiss you!" and, after being cast away by said nasty, "oh, maybe not :) " (you could HEAR the :) !! I swear!).

I should probably have picked up Two Thrones sooner, but Warrior Within kinda left me a little jaded, due to the insane difficulty. Although, maybe once I do TT I'll be sufficiently proficient with the controls that I can do WW. I'm already getting better at looking for places I can wall-run. *touch wood - I'm in a shaky place right now and will probably die horribly... and have to wall-run a LOT to get back there*

Not to mention, the Dark Prince? I LOVE the combat system! Why did he get such a cooler combat system than the Prince? Maybe it's something to do with being a huge Ivy Valentine fangirl, but I'm just so at home with the whip! Moreso than any weapon the Prince has... Although the hefty Morning Stars make me a happy girlie indeed. There's nothing like bashing someone in the face with a heavy spiked ball...

Still... chain whips = love!

Gah... maybe I should draw him. :o

...I wonder who the alter ego is - he can't be the Prince's subconscious like he claims, or he'd know who Farrah was. And he seems to be making subtle overtures about one day overrunning the Prince's body... Maybe it'd the Vizier. o.O

I better play it and find out! *runs off*

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