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I had such a weird dream last night.

Well, really, I had several because I was too hot, and when I overheat my brain goes funny...

But one in particular really stood out: about a young man with wings. It started off as something else entirely, but referenced him and his childhood, and his twin sister.

Then later, it turned into something about his quest to find the end of the world, accompanied by his sister and six (or eight, it was one of the two) 'servants'. The way he rewarded them for their achievements ended up prompting avarice.

A short while after his sister had died in a battle in the street (she was actually trying to heal people), the servants turned upon him, killed him and took the thing he had been using as a reward, and broke the bit he had said should never be broken.

They were transported immediately to a strange brick underground room made of many chambers with pillars, and from a door came as many men as there were servants.

They were Orangemen. Not the religious irish kind either, but... like monks with hooded robes the colour of the robes the priests in Japan wear. They proceeded to do away with the servants - which I'm assuming is why he knew he should never break that section.

His dead body was transported there with them, and as the Orangemen killed the servants, his sister's soul rushed out of her twin's body and fled into another chamber, where there was this blue.. kind of line on the floor.

...which turned out to be the twins' mother, and the sister's soul embracing it released their mother's soul from the prison.

And then I woke up, feeling distinctly confused.

...I think I better turn that into a story, before my brain goes melty.

His wings were purple. o.O; I ought to try the sister sometime too...

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