Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

I wonder if any of you guys can help...

I've been trying for two or three days now to somehow convert my episodes of "Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu" / "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" into DVD format.

I've also been through three different programs: one that wouldn't let me use more than one ep (that got canned pretty much immediately), one that tried to let me encode 14 eps at once (...imagine what it must have done to my poor HD, trying to fit MPG versions AND the original AVI versions of 14 eps of an anime, but... that aside, it didn't work anyway) and another, which is a three-try trial DVD (the first attempt died so horribly that it didn't even use one of my 'tries'; the second said "mission accomplished" but has left me with a confusing VIDEO_TS folder and absolute zero in the AUDIO_TS folder).

The one consistent, overriding factor is that I can't seem to gank the sound from the avi. The three failed attempts have all been distinctly lacking sound files.

So... to this end, does anyone know a good program that will encode the AVI for viewing by DVD player, will actually encode the sound for me too, and will somehow do it all so that it's not a horrible, rampaging mess? Oh, and a couple of tutorials would be nice too...

I know it's a bit of a tall order, but it's the only way I can get my mother to watch anime, and MoHS is such a fun anime... I wouldn't mind being able to watch it an actual TV.

Heeeelp? *cries*

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