Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

Well, today at 9AM I was laying in bed listening to MP3s on Ritsuka, when it just... switched off.

I pressed the 'on' button a couple of times, and nothing. The lights worked, and the PC was still on in the other room (the house is wired on different ring-mains, so if the lights go off in one room, that doesn't mean anything plugged into the mains will go off too). So after a while I came to the conclusion that the fuse in the plug had blown, and used Kyran whilst pondering opening up the plug and changing the fuse.

Two hours later went back and prodded the on button one more time to make sure...

And it came back on. o.O; Which is weird, because it most definitely wasn't working at 9AM.

I think Ritsuka was just protecting me from saying something that I would very likely regret...

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