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So there was me, sitting there feeling all kinds of smug in the knowledge that no one ever ganked my artwork, and...

I got a message on Elftown from a very nice person saying that someone had ganked my image of my Sun Elf (i.e. the one in this icon of mine) and was displaying it on their Elfpack page.


It took me AGES to be able to get an Elfpack account, but I finally managed it, and what do you know? She's right. o.O With a little caption under it saying 'my favourite pic lol'. *rolls eyes*

It took so long to log in though that in the meantime I gave the kind person who contacted me permission to contact the thief about it and at least ask to credit, since, you know, it's not like the name 'Kachichan' isn't in big letters at the top of my ET homepage or anything... *rolls eyes again* And it's not like I don't use the same name on every. damn. place I go to.

But I'm THIS tempted to simply report the thief to the guards and have them take down the pic. It's not like I can't prove it's mine, it's on about five or six (maybe seven...) different websites all under the same name... Not to mention the all-kinds-of-vast oC1.1 file and the original inks (well, they're somewhere here, but I have a nice B&W scan of it in various sizes too...)

It's... creepy. o.O

And I even dreamed that someone stole my artwork the other night. And even THEN I woke up feeling smug knowing that my work was too crap for anyone to be stupid enough to do that.

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