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The one problem with bad_rpers_suck is, well, sometimes you find nicer people at fandom_wank. Which is seriously saying something. But it's still great for occasionally letting off steam.

Hell, I guess I'm lucky, I'm like... nobody there, so when I rant I get all of three replies. ^_^

...I have randomly developed twins.

I was coming home from Nottingham last Saturday and I saw two interesting things - a numberplate and a store name. And now, whumpf!, due to that, I've got twins.

So say hello to Raxxan and Alexon. I'm sure they'll appear sooner or later. When one of them stops acting creepy in my drawings, and the other learns to smile.



m.o.v.e. :: Angel Eyes makes me want to draw Himawari-chan from XXXHolic. I'm starting to think that girl is seriously creepy. How can anyone in one fell swoop, supposedly accidentally, screw up another character's days of hard work to find a cure for the guy who helped him and lost his eye in doing so? She's freaky.

And when the rain spirit said what she said, I don't think she meant Himawari-chan. I think she meant the spirit who stole the chocolate cake - and soul - from Doumeki-kun.

I want book 8 already. T_T

Either way, Angel Eyes is a perfect song for Himawari-chan.

"Angel eyes, how many lies in your eyes?".

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