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I've never before met someone who, when they send a fax, will actually stand there and WATCH the fax be sent. I don't mean watch it be fed in, I mean they stand there and read the display when it says "RX: transmit page [blah]" and stand there and watch it as all 8 pages go.

Not to mention I think they typed the number in again each time it said it was busy to start with instead of waiting for autoredial, so I should think the recipient might get a few copies.

I want to just turn round and scream "GET OUT!" to anyone that comes into my office, especially obsessive fax watchers that stand there humming and whistling and tapping their damn foot.

It feels like someone is drilling a hole in the side of my head with a very thin needle.

...I don't think my pills are working any more. But at least I have another doctor's appointment soon.

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