Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

I love the way so many DS games incorporate the console name into the game title.

Dawn of Sorrow etc. etc.

And now Guilty Gear - Dust Strikers.

Shame I stink at the game really. I can't beat Gig! It's more like the damn thing escaped out of Castlevania (nice linkage, huh?) than has anything to do with the actual GG series. Mind, this is the game who had an end boss that consisted of a dog...

*grumbles* I can't beat it even with Ky. And hell, I can even do his Ride The Lightning move on the DS, so this is a trifle frustrating.

And... why is Ky my best character on the DS anyway? I stink with all my regular characters! T______T

I'm happy they kept in the music and speech though. And the storyline humour. Jam will hit on ANYTHING cute, won't she?

Incidentally, my new favourite icon. ;)

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