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All being well *fingers crossed* hopefully soon a few deliveries should be arriving through the mailbox.

I ordered FullMetal Alchemist 7, 8 and 9 from AnimeNation, along with the Limited Edition Movie - which mum has been expressly banned from watching until I manage to claw together all 13 DVDs...

...And I also ordered special-edition US FMA disc 10 from YesAsia, which should be arriving in a nice and shiny metal case - no doubt dented by our stunning postal service...

...I did threaten to buy her the pocketwatch too. :P But I can't find it. *pouts*

In other news, my NaNoMangO actually found a SENSE OF HUMOUR! *dies of shock* I've yet to update the page though...

It's all very well trying to save money, but what do you do when your mother is hooked on an anime series?

I guess I'll just have to counter with my XXXHolic / Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle addiction.

And Inukami!. Can't forget Inukami!. No matter how hard I might try. :P

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