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I made my mother sit through the second opening of FMA last Sunday, just because I love the song.

Well, I only made her sit through it once...

I could have been meaner.

Brought back a LOT of memories though, watching that opening and hearing that music.


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Jun. 22nd, 2006 06:24 am (UTC)
Well, FMA's all been a little weird really... I got the first disc and it took me AGES to watch it. So I watched it on the DVD player downstairs.

Got about halfway through the last ep on disc one, and she had to go out the room for something. When she comes back, the disc's ended and she's actually asking me to tell her everything that happened...

I went out and bought disc 2... and now she's basically got me buying the whole series. o.o; She's turned into a complete fangirl... o.o;;;;

So... it's actually her insane obsession. It's taken until disc 5 for me to get hooked on it.

(She once wandered into the living room to tell me something when I was watching Spirited Away, and spent 10 minutes leaning on the back of the sofa watching it and not telling me what it was she wanted to tell me... o.o;; She can be difficult to prise away from things sometimes.)
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