Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

Overheating. Very. Slowly.

My NaNoMangO plot is slowly flailing. I haven't drawn anything since that crappy pic of Owen laying on his side.

On the other hand though, I now know what Haden is doing.

...And I never realised that he had a sense of humour. Or, in fact, that he could laugh in any other way that wasn't blatantly miserable or obviously mind-controlled.

And... since when did he become engaged?!

What the hell?! My characters are doing things behind my back again! Like it wasn't bad enough that Owen isn't dead and that the blindfolded antagonist won't antagonise (if anything, he's becoming rather pleasant...).

I have this hugely, HUGELY scary mental image of Haden laughing and running. ...It freaks me out. Why could he never do that before...? The bastard...

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