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First impressions of Gensoumaden Saiyuki DVD 2: Old Friends, New Enemies.

The Japanese voices of Sanzo, Gojyo and Hakkai are great. Goku is vaaaastly overacting.

The english voice acting for Sanzo and Goku isn't bad. Gojyo's a little iffy. But Hakkai is not in any way, shape or form sarcastic. That's the whole point! He's always so nice you can't tell if he's being mean or not. So he wouldn't ever use the phrase "so, genius, what are you going to do" or words to that effect. Especially not when the subs (I'd just switched from Japanese to escape Goku's overacted panting in youkai form) are nothing if not polite - like Hakkai is normally.

I'm still waiting for DVD 1 plus box, thank you Royal Mail. *taps foot*

Aaaaand I already know all the plot in both discs, since they seem to go to about books 1-6, maybe 1-7. But it's nice to sit there like a vegetable and not have to turn the pages. :P

Still. Back to Goku's random panting.

(Hakkai is too adorable for words still, though.)

EDIT: Dumbing down / changes in transliteration amuse me. Tokyopop call him 'Ni Jianyi', which looks a mouthful but rolls off the tongue really nicely. ADV stick to the rather stilted 'Ni Jenyi'. Boring. :(