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"Explain your LiveJournal name and its meaning. When you're done, tag as many people as there are letters in your name."

Ne... my LiveJournal name actually comes from World of Warcraft. Several months back, I had a NElf character called Regret, a feral Druid on US Emerald Dream. This was to be her 'blog'. But 'regret' and 'regretnothing' ('nothing' being her surname, since she doesn't actually have one ;) ) were both taken, so... 'nothingtoregret'.

I stopped playing on US servers a while back though, sadly. I really miss Emerald Dream! T_T I tried UK servers, but... weird as this sounds, I hate most UK gamers. The majority of them are so arrogant and up their own arses, won't roleplay, won't group, won't bother with anything that involves putting themselves out or being nice to people. It's pathetic, and these are the people that have the nerve to bitch about American WoW players. I know from experience there are tossers on the US WoW servers, but you'd have to triple that number to understand the equivalent amount on UK servers...

Sa... So, using the name 'Regret', I tag: ficchica, jester_uk, umegaki, dropsofgleam, childthief_liar and jackandhishat!

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