Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

I drove to Draycott. x.x; I went down a one-lane country track (Back Lane), came out at Cavendish Bridge (which I'd always assumed was the bridge itself, I didn't realise there was a hamlet with that name right next to the bridge...), went onto the island, down the road to Sawley, took a left at the Nag's Head, another left and wah, Draycott! x.x; Scary stuff, that's the furthest I've ever driven, now I'm feeling shellshocked and sure that I'll never drive that well again...

I drove back too, most of the way. ;)

Lost Magic on the DS is hugely addictive. I'm starting to think that I shouldn't have ordered a game that arrived the day before NaNoMangO - I've put over seven hours into it already, but it's so much fun... I love drawing runes on the screen and combining them!

Speaking of... I'm simply boggling at the amount of Americans who're latching onto our Mini-NaNo. I mean, I'm lucky as it is that you guys agreed to do this (all I have to do now is force myself to draw... damn game, damn no plot...), but... o.O Very weird. It does say Nottingham on that forum, doesn't it? ;) Nah, it's sweet, just... not sure why no one has said to people at other regions "hey, those at Notts UK are having a mini-nano, why don't we have one too?". We can't be the ONLY mad people out there...

...can we?

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